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Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Both of my girls are blanket lovers....well one is actually more of a blanket hoarder and sleeps with about 5 every night. So when I saw a tutorial on See Kate Sew for an easy fleece blanket with bias tape binding, I knew I had to keep that one for future use. Especially since I am not a fan of sewing with minky fabrics. I can do it.....just really don't like to.

And that tutorial has sat in my "for future use" list in my head. Until a couple months ago me and the girls were at Joann Fabrics, and like a shining beacon (ok not really for me but for a 4 year old who loves My Little Pony, I imagine it was shining) sat a bolt of MLP fleece fabric. And then 1+1 registered in my brain I said "Yes".  It has become her favorite blanket.

The tutorial does not call for 2 lines of stitching, I just did it because I liked the way it looked. This kind of blanket has become one of my go to's for birthday presents for my girls friends.

She couldn't even wait for me to finish before laying on it. 
And as a lot of us know if one child gets something the other feels that they need something too. In this case blanket hoarder realized her sister was getting a blanket.  Luckily I had bought some Bubble Guppies flannel fabric in my stash. Back to the Internet and pinterest to look for something a little different then flannel on flannel. Again I found a tutorial on See Kate Sew for a flannel baby blanket with piping as an accent. Just what I needed!!

Took a trip to Joann's and picked up some yellow piping and pink cuddle flannel. And voila! Bubble Guppy blanket. I had never sewn with piping before and was a little nervous but it went well so I will do it again.

Both blankets have been very well loved. If you have never checked out See Kate Sew, I would highly recommend it. I also ask that if you like either of these and want to pin it for later, please use the original source.  


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  1. Can I buy one of your bubble guppies soft blanket my lil girl would be in heaven and I can't even thread a needle and just don't have time. Would really appreciate it


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