Princess Party Dress

Tuesday, April 15, 2014
I had the privilege of testing the Princess Party Dress by Mandy K Design. When I told my daughter that I was picked to test it she was super excited and requested a pink one....then an Elsa one....then an Anna one. I told her she needed to wait until I did one before demanding more.

I found some pink sparkly satin fabric from Joann's and knew that it would be perfect for her dress. I would not use it again fought being sewn the whole time. But don't let that deter you from making one. It is easy to make (even with fabric that fights you). It has three rows of elastic on the back with very clear instructions on where to put it and how to do it. Without kid and dog interruptions it   would probably have taken about an hour, including hand sewing on the trim. The trim is an option not a requirement.

The dress comes with three sleeve options and the cape can be attached permanently or detachable. I went with the detachable version so she could take it on and off as she wanted. The cape attaches at the sides under the arms. She LOVES this dress and for once I didn't have to bribe her to take photos. There was a whole demonstration of what princesses could do.
1. Curtsey 2. Walk down stairs 3. Jump 4. Sing out a window

Her review of the dress "I love it! And feel like I could wear it forever"
Sparkles just seem natural for a princess 

I will be making more of these and if you would like to make one you can find the pattern on Etsy or on Craftsy. Also check her out at Mandy K Design on Facebook. Stay tuned for the Frozen versions to come.



  1. I'd like to know if the pattern is sized to print correctly on A4 paper (international sizing) or some American-sized paper? If the latter, is there a 4 inch square so I can check I'm printing at the right size?

    1. I am not really sure, I checked the pattern pieces and only see a 1 inch square. If you contact the designer Mandy K Designs she would be able to help you with any further questions.

  2. Many thanks for your response. I left a comment on the Craftsy pattern link, with no response, and tried to leave a comment on, but without success.

    I have asked the same question of several other pattern designers on Craftsy and received no response.. At least now I know there is a 1 inch scaling square on this pattern, so would be able to check the pattern is printed at the correct size whatever page size it was originally scaled for, so thanks again.


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