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Thursday, June 5, 2014
Today is my day to showcase my Lorelei Dress by E-Beth Designs. When Elizabeth first announced that she was going to be doing a blog tour with her new women's dress, I jumped on the chance. I loved the look of it. I very rarely sew anything for myself and when I do it isn't anything more then a simple piece. This was a step out of my comfort zone but Elizabeth has everything laid out nicely and explains everything so well. I love how you can choose different sizes and cup sizes, then you can print out just the one you want. 

Since this was something new for me I printed out the size I thought would fit (thank goodness I did) and sewed up the top with some scrap fabric. It would have been a struggle to zip it up......so I printed the next size up and did another scrap version, better! If I had, had more time I should have altered the top to be in between the sizes but procrastination strikes again and that didn't happen. 

I had some grand plans for this photo shoot. I had the spot picked out and was thinking about poses in my head. Then life and some unexpected things popped up and well my front porch has to make due. But my dress is exactly what I had envisioned....this is what that is about anyways so I will consider it a win. 

Forgot to tell myself to smile

The dress is supposed to have tulle attached to the lining. My tulle went missing. I know what your thinking "How does that much tulle go missing??" Trust me, I have been asking myself that too. So far my answers are A: Girls hide it somewhere  B: Got accidentally thrown away because it was cut in strips or C: The sock gnomes have gotten board and upped their game.

There is a ton of twirl to this dress. So if that little girl in you that loves to see how high and fast you can get your skirt to go this dress is for you. I spent some time twirling this morning (unlike when I was little, I got really dizzy). 

Seriously where was the smile

For the back the option is regular zipper or invisible zipper. I went with the regular so I could add a pop of color. 

The hem is supposed to be a blind hem. I watched videos and looked at tutorials until my brain could comprehend what to do. I then practiced on some scraps. Once I figured it out it was easy......until I tried it on the dress. Disaster! So I just did a regular hem. Oh well, at least I learned something new. 

Someone felt like they needed to be involved. 

Fabric source : top is Mini Confetti Dots in Mint  skirt is Confetti Dots in Navy both by Dear Stella from Hawthorne Threads. The belt fabric is Bella Solids by Moda in Bettys Red

I made the belt using a tutorial I had found a while ago from Tilly and the Buttons. It is an easy project and I just used some red scrap fabric I had laying around. I should have made it a smidge smaller though since it wasn't staying up in the front very well.

There are some great women who are also participating in the blog tour. 

June 4th:  Sew Starly Mama Lusco

You can also win a copy of the pattern. Yeah! Who doesn't love winning?? 

Thanks for stopping by! 



  1. I love everything about this dress. It looks so good on you!

  2. Very cute! I love the colours :) The dress really shows off your tattoos well too :) It's awesome!

  3. I love your mix of fabrics. It looks fantastic on you and I agree it looks awesome with your tatoos!

  4. I love the pop of the red belt and zipper! Looks great.

  5. Everything about this dress is gorgeous. The fit on you is spot on girl! Great job!


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