Sewing/Craft Space Clean Up

Thursday, July 10, 2014
For the Summer Sizzlin Series set up by Chelsea at GYCT Designs I choose to organize my sewing/craft space. It needed it badly!! And having an end date gave me that push to get it done.....and my husband couldn't be happier.

I had grand plans for making my space look exactly like I wanted, but life got in the way. Family and personal health took priority and the space kept getting put on hold.

My space is in the basement (boo to no natural light expect from the tiny window on the other side). But it is my space! If the sight of really messy rooms freaks you out you may want to divert your eyes. Here is my embarrassing before picture.

I know what you are thinking "how in the world did you do anything in that mess??" I often wondered the same thing. I usually just moved stuff around to different spots. I am not sure how many times I lost my measuring tape, pieces to patterns and my seam ripper. So I took on this disaster of a space. 

Things I found: 
2 hammers
15 buttons
Gift certificate to a restaurant 
3 zippers
Half a roll of bubble wrap

I ended up with two bags of trash, a bag of recycling and a bag full of donations. Drum roll please.....


The cabinets and counter were courteous of my husband. They originally were black so her painted them white for me. There is still some stuff I would like to do but I am super happy with how it looks now. 

One of my favorite things is my vintage Singer sewing chair I got on etsy. I re upholstered it with some Premier Prints Freehand in navy.  The camp stool is also a vintage find on etsy. I replaced the cover with a placemat from Target.  They were both done before I started blogging and have no before and after pictures. 

I used to have a cord board on the wall but it was not pretty so I swapped it out with a reclaimed wood chalkboard from Hurd and Honey on etsy. I then got some shabby chic baskets to hang underneath. I have a bad habit of cutting out several patterns at one time and then having other projects come up and then they just sit there un sewn. Then they are forgotten. I found some while cleaning and they are all now to small for my girls. What do I do with them now? My goal is to put sewing projects in the baskets. So in theory I should only have two patterns cut out at a time. We will see how long that last. 

The lighting doesn't allow the little touches to stand out. The nesting dolls are actually orange.  

I love my little space and am proud of what I did with it!

 Thank you for stopping by and checking it out. 



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