Sofilantjes Summer Surprise Anniversary Tour - Power Ponies

Thursday, May 28, 2015
After having my third kid sewing has been a slow hobby to return to my life. He has a knack for knowing when I want to do some sewing and immediately needs something. When I saw that Anne was having a blog tour to celebrate her anniversary I had to sign up. I love the Summer Surprise pattern by Sofilantjes. I got to test it when she first came out with it! My daughter wore the dress so much it fell apart...literally.

The Summer Surprise comes in a dress and tunic length. It is available for sizes 6 months to 12 years. It also comes in a regular or slim fit option. It also has a super cute bow back design.

Size 3 regular dress

Of course getting them to have their photos on the same day didn't happen.  Oh well such is life with a 3 and 5 year old.

Size 5 regular fit dress
My oldest is a huge My Little Pony fan, has been for almost 3 years, so I wanted to do something for that. I didn't really want to spend the money on custom done knit fabric in case it never gets worn. My girls have a tendency to ask for me to make them something then never wearing it. So I went onto Hot Topics website and found a men's t shirt to repurpose into a dress. I ordered two 2xl shirts for each of my girls.

They both loved their dresses! I had never used a t shirt to make a dress but have sewn with knits plenty of times. I figured it would be just like that. I was not a fan of sewing with this shirt. Even with that I am thrilled with how they turned out. 

Purple bow with pink trim....was supposed to be a pink bow. Still can't find it.

My oldest really wanted to get into the whole Power Ponies theme so we made her a Rarity cape and eye mask. 

The mask was a little on the big side. 

For the cape I used the pattern that Peek A Boo Patterns offers. Then I just cut out three diamond shapes for the cutie mark. 

And if you are going to be a Power Pony you need to show off your flying skills. 

She was having a fun time! Her sister then informed me that she had really wanted a cape too.

This is an easy and super cute pattern. It is a great summer style, especially here where it gets really hot and humid. 
Since you made it all the way to the end of the post, you get the opportunity to win some awesome stuff!! 

Winner will get:
-5 out of 4, winner's choice 
-Muffin Head Patterns, winner's choice 
-Seaside Notions, winner's choice 
-Audrey & Tiffany, winner's choice 
-Pickle Pudding, winner's choice
-Handmaiden's Cottage, winner's choice
-Koda Baby, winner's choice 
-Sofilantjes, winner's choice

There is also some other fabulous bloggers that took part in the tour. Check them out!

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Baby Boy Nursery

Monday, April 13, 2015
I haven't done a blog in awhile, but I have a very good, and cute, reason for not doing anything. A new baby boy!! Axel arrived on January 12, 2015 at 7:23 pm. He was a big one at 8 pounds 7 oz and 21" long. Having two girls who are very opinionated about what they like and want, I was excited that I could decorate a room however I wanted again. My hubby really got into it this time also. I knew I wanted somewhat of a modern/Scandinavian style too it and didn't take long with the help of pinterest to decide what I actually wanted to do.

Thanks to the math skills of my husband and his need for that kind of thing to be straight, this wall turned out exactly how I imagined. His room isn't huge so it is really hard to get a good shot of the whole wall.

I liked these curtains from Pottery Barn Teen but couldn't justify that kind of money on two panels so I made some. The panels are from Target but I added navy blue ribbon and black out liner to the back.  So instead of spending $178 dollars I spent about $45. I crib I got on our community yard sale site, I believe it is Babyletto. 

The other side of the room also turned out pretty decent. My husband made the bookcase thing and helped with the letter A. We went out to a shop here that specializes in reclaimed local wood, appropriately named Local Wood.  If you happen to live in the VA area and need wood, do yourself a favor and check them out. The polar bears were done by Coco and Mint Studio on Etsy.

Paper mache letter painted silver. 

A handmade gift from a friend. 

Sloth! For no other reason then I thought it was cute. The viking helmet was meant for Axel's newborn photos but his head was to big. 

I haven't made much for him besides these two blankets. The top is the one hour triangle quilt by 
See Kate Sew on Spoonflower. I really want to do one of the hexagon ones she just came out with also.  The second one is just some Michael Miller viking fabric with red minky backing. 

Between him outgrowing clothes and getting hand me downs it was getting messy with piles of clothes. I wanted something to organize it all, so I went online to my favorite place for storage Land of Nod.  Almost all of our kid storage has come from there and it holds up....My kids sit of the baskets, wear them on their heads and run into things, you know normal kid stuff....right??  This one is the I think I canvas mega sorter. One section for consignment, donate and the next size up ones. Since he is growing super fast the clothes get moved a lot. 

I didn't want a plain dresser so I got a plain Ikea dresser and painted it navy blue. I did the same thing to his sisters dresser but hers is teal with overlays on it. The superhero print came from Yellow Heart Art  on Etsy. The plush toys are Bamse og Kylling and a Tivoli guard, all from Denmark.  After taking all the photos and going thru I realized that something was missing from this one. Little hands had removed something. 
Photo taken by Sarah Kaupp

His block letters! I guess they were to tempting to not take. So far I have found the E.  They are from Little Sapling Toys

That is a glimpse into my little mans room. Now to figure out how to make a 3 year old girls room rock n roll.....

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